Our COVID Protocol

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COVID protocol for Kubo Montessori LLC we follow CDC requirements, California Community Care Licensing recommendations and City Health Department restrictions.

  • PCR COVID negative test result for travels, gatherings, direct exposure, and symptomatic core family
  • Antigen test is ok with the asymptomatic child if the entire family is asymptomatic and did not travel or engage in high-risk exposure
  • Kids are currently masked indoors but will adapt to changing state guidelines
  • Take your child home or keep them at home if symptomatic unless cleared by primary care physician
  • 10 days of COVID negative result for the same symptom as per licensing recommendation (like common flu or allergies)
  • Parents should always mask when on school premise
  • Teachers are all vaccinated and boosted with weekly antigen testing
  • Only vaccinated adults can be inside the school premises to ensure safety for the vulnerable/ unvaccinated children